Protecting Privacy

At a time where more material than ever is being shared and published online and the press and paparazzi culture shows no sign of abating, it is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals to protect their own private and confidential information and that of their family from being made public.

Victims of privacy invasions have described how this practice made them feel violated and exposed after intimate details of their lives have been made public. The law recognises that misusing private information about an individual is wrong and we have frequently taken action to stop it.

Our actions against News International were pivotal to the downfall and closure of the News of the World.  Subsequently, the firm represented several claimants in the landmark case of Gulati v MGN where record damages were awarded following years of phone hacking.

It is not just celebrities who have had their privacy invaded; those who are victims of crime or have suffered a family tragedy often have their anguish compounded by becoming the subject of press intrusion, with their photographs and intimate details about their lives appearing in the media.

Taylor Hampton’s expert privacy lawyers have represented many people, both in and outside of the public eye, who have had their private lives exposed in the media.

The law recognises that a person’s privacy should be respected and that private lives should remain private. We can act swiftly to protect your privacy:

Early Action

The quicker we can act, the better the outcome. The best way to safeguard your privacy is to prevent your private information from being published in the first place. We can engage with the prospective publisher to obtain their undertaking that they will not publish and will destroy and/or return your private information, failing which we are experienced in applying to the Court to obtain an injunction to prevent publication.


If a story which invades your private life or privacy has already been published online, our solicitors will work hard to ensure that it is promptly removed from the internet. Where required, we can track down the culprits even if they are anonymous.

After Publication

If a story which invades your privacy appears in the printed press or on TV we can insist on an early and fulsome apology, together with payment of appropriate compensation and your legal costs.

Legal Action

We are litigation experts and, where clients have not been able to protect their privacy prior to issuing court proceedings, we have a strong track record of successfully suing in relation to breaches of privacy. Remedies we obtain include injunctions to stop a story being published; undertakings not to repeat an article; an apology; payment of damages and costs and, where appropriate, a statement in open court.


If you are concerned that your privacy has been breached or is about to be breached, contact our experienced team of privacy solicitors on 0207 427 5970 or