Pension Law and Litigation

pension law solicitors

Taylor Hampton’s pension law solicitors provide expert advice on a range of complex pension law and related litigation for both trustees and plan sponsors

Our pension law solicitors offer user friendly and practical advice on a wide range of pensions-related issues for both plan sponsors and trustees, in particular in the areas of dispute resolution, advice to trustees and the increasingly complex area of regulation. We are ideally placed to:

  • Explain to trustees their duties and responsibilities
  • Rectify trust deeds, making applications to the court where necessary
  • Advise trustees of defined benefit schemes on how to develop recovery plans
  • Challenge proposed increases in Pensions Protection Fund contributions
  • Provide advice on regulatory matters
  • Act for trustees in negligence actions against investment managers

The pensions sector is increasingly litigious and complex. Plan sponsors and trustees have to navigate through a complex web of legislation and regulation. The introduction of the Pensions Act 2004, the enhanced powers of the new Pensions Regulator and the creation of the Pension Protection fund have all created new challenges for the industry.

Taylor Hampton’s pension law solicitors are able to offer practical advice on a wide range of pension related issues. We advise on all aspects of pension disputes, including negligence claims, breach of trust proceedings, all forms of High Court related actions for claimants and defendants, as well as internal dispute resolution.

Taylor Hampton can provide user friendly advice on a wide range of regulatory issues that are of concern both to plan sponsors and pension funds. These include the new requirements of scheme specific funding, scheme deficits and the Pension Protection fund.

We can also give advice on trustees’ duties and responsibilities, advising the trustee board, explaining the scheme rules and rectifying trust deeds.

If you would like to speak to one of our experienced pension law solicitors in relation to your matter, please call us on 0207 427 5970.